Japan is offering so many possibilities. One of them is teaching English in various places. These could be preschools, conversation schools, and business offices. English teachers have many options, but there is a question what a good English teacher in Japan should possess to be successful. Few important skills are needed.

The proficiency in English language

You are maybe a native English speaker, or you may be someone who uses English as a second language. In both cases, your language skills should be good enough if you want to become a teacher in Japan. The business people there are checking the background of all candidates. If they decide to hire you, that will be for a good reason.

Certificates and experience

30ggggAll English teachers must have certificates and adequate experience. The best candidates are native speakers with the previous teaching background. It could be obtained in schools and the working with kids is a huge advantage.

Japanese people are searching for this kind of candidates, but not all of them are having that portfolio. That is why criteria could be modified. Many teachers have ESL diplomas, and it means they speak English as a second language. They are suitable for preschool kinds where the conversation is not on the highest level. However, ESL certificate is a great asset in teaching english in Japan.

Strong vision is a must

Before packing a suitcase, a strong vision is what a good English teacher in Japan should possess. One must know more about the living costs, expected salaries and lifestyle aspects in the future place.

If you are used to partying during the weekend, then a working weekend schedule might be surprised. In Japan, many English classes are held during the evening hours and the weekends because of a general business environment.

The more suitable schedule might be possible in high schools and kindergartens, but other places like companies and offices usually bring very unusual working hours. Be ready to change your habits a lot. Consider your preferences and apply for a job according to them.

 Good English teacher

20xxxA good English teacher in Japan is someone who is highly skillful in language. Also, some habit adjustment is needed. Japanese people are open to new candidates, and there are a lot of available jobs. It is a unique opportunity to explore this beautiful country while teaching English. Benefits are numerous, and it is no wonder that so many people want to get this kind of experience.…