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4 Preferred Types Of Shot Glasses

A shot glass is a popular option for serving strong spirits and liqueurs, as well as small-scale cocktails. These glasses are an excellent choice for taking whiskey, vodka, sambuca, or tequila in a faster manner. The fluid capacity is usually in the region of one to a quarter ounces to one and a half ounces. Plus, they come in different materials, colors, sizes, and shapes.

A stainless steel pourer is usually attached to the top of the spirit bottle because of the small size of the shot glass. The benefit of this is higher control of the liquid when issued and avoids any unexpected spills on the bar. Additionally, the pourer aids to form the layered drink since the moderate flow rate makes it simpler to avoid combining various alcohols.

The following are four of the most common types of shot glasses for a wide variety of occasions:



The most usual shot glass is sized about one to half inches in broadness and two inches in length. Many of those glasses hold the capacity to hold a half to one ounce of liquor. These glasses for shots are shaped with full sides and base to prevent them from breaking when slammed on a bar or table.


A somewhat smaller version is the pony shot that can take about an ounce of liquor. Another sort of glass to take a measure is the cheater glass. This set of glass seems much similar it’s the same capacity as the standard but has a thick or hefty base which decreases its shot capacity.


The molded glasses also known as fluted glasses are alike in size to the standard ones but have a different design. This type of glass has a particular design crafted on the bottom of the glass like small ridges which create an impression on the table when slammed. This kind of glass can also be marked with a company name to formulate the more personalized shot glasses. Many high-quality glasses use this type of molded design.


dgvfgfvgfThe taller glasses are ideal for people that prefer to merge a mixer wit alcohol. This particular type of shot glass is weak and can incorporate with a flared design with the top opening area noticeably wider than the bottom. Because this kind of glass is fabricated from a thinner material, they are not a realistic reach to slam on a table or counter after taking. These four are the most preferred types of shot glasses that are frequently used.